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    falsebook is gone???!?!


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    falsebook is gone???!?!

    Post by Ciphon on 2011-09-08, 10:04

    i understand why you got rid of the npc plugin... because it causes lag... but whyyyy falsebook??? i love that plugin soo much, and from my understanding it doesnt cause too much lag at all... so why orcworm... did you go and get rid of it...

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    Re: falsebook is gone???!?!

    Post by GoDjMike on 2011-09-08, 10:08

    It does in fact cause a little lag, think of all of the redstone falsebook flashing contraptions...

    And we're just testing the server performance without some plugins.

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    Re: falsebook is gone???!?!

    Post by Chazdude42 on 2011-09-08, 10:21

    I literally JUST changed my shops to use falsebooks [Lift] feature and its disabled -.-'

    On a lighter note, 130FPS in Acheron as a result of disabled plugins as opposed to 40-60

    Would prefer if falsebook came back but the draw of 130FPS is so high...

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    Re: falsebook is gone???!?!

    Post by Orcworm on 2011-09-08, 10:40


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    Re: falsebook is gone???!?!

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