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    The temp server 1.8.1


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    The temp server 1.8.1

    Post by Drone_Rev on 2011-09-18, 04:01

    Hi, bit of an issue with the temp server, now I know yes its a temp server etc.

    But a few of my friends use isps that block port 25. (its the SMTP reserved port for e-mail)
    Any chance you could change the port number to anything else. Again I know its a temp server but its still a place to hang out with friends and stuff, would really massivly appreciate it if it could be changed to anything else!

    Thanks for running your servers.
    and again, really appreciate anything you can do.


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    Re: The temp server 1.8.1

    Post by Orcworm on 2011-09-18, 05:00

    Wow, completely overlooked that. Will move it to 30, should be fine then.


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