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    Anyone else loling at the 1.8 chest bug?


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    Anyone else loling at the 1.8 chest bug?

    Post by Chazdude42 on 2011-09-24, 07:12

    So i load my house and find all my chests are sideways but the blocks havent changed, just the mapping of the graphic. All pre-placed chests prior to the update now face west xD

    In this image you can see the highlight of where the chest should be

    This one shows the chest open and that it is in fact a 2 block chest xD

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    Re: Anyone else loling at the 1.8 chest bug?

    Post by GoDjMike on 2011-09-24, 07:14

    Yea, the new animations for the chests cause them to be a little buggy, since they were placed before the update. Same thing going on several other servers too.

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