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    Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal


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    Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal

    Post by trogbad155 on 2011-09-24, 11:36

    I am not going beserk about this but why have i tried to login and it says i griefed in Acheron? The staff that banned be was NeroTheDarkLord and if i could have some explanation that would be great.

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    Re: Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal

    Post by The_Music_Man on 2011-09-24, 11:37


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    Re: Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal

    Post by trogbad155 on 2011-09-24, 11:40

    Herp Derp i'm still a dumbass -.-

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    Re: Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal

    Post by aapl2 on 2011-09-24, 12:34

    Wrong section AND format, read the rules.
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    Re: Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal

    Post by patrickfreed on 2011-09-24, 12:36

    aapl2 wrote:Wrong section AND format, read the rules.
    I think he understands that.
    Also, you should brush up on the rules yourself. Wink

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    Re: Trogbad155 (Ban) appeal

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