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    Bananas are dangerous!


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    Bananas are dangerous!

    Post by Chazdude42 on 2011-11-11, 19:25

    Banana Equivalent Dose

    500 million bananas = Ten minutes next to Chernobyl reactor core after explosion and meltdown!!!!!

    We're all gonna die of banana-radiations!

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    Re: Bananas are dangerous!

    Post by GoDjMike on 2011-11-12, 02:02

    I like it, in fact, I tried to look up more equivalent doses, but instead got distracted reading this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unusual_units_of_measurement

    and this: http://www.new.ans.org/pi/resources/dosechart/

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    Re: Bananas are dangerous!

    Post by Ryoman on 2011-11-12, 05:07

    Actually, the Chernobyl reactor was in fact not in Chernobyl, but near Prypiat. The core melted down due to a power spike and a lack of maintainance and security in the plant. But nowadays people can live there because the radiation cleared over the years and theres a huge ass cap covering the reactor building. Razz

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    Re: Bananas are dangerous!

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