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    Could someone explain this to me?


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    Could someone explain this to me?

    Post by purple_turtle on 2011-11-16, 17:30

    I found this glitch in the chaos server in Assasins base. How does this happen?

    In-Game Staff
    In-Game Staff

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    Re: Could someone explain this to me?

    Post by Jarvisd on 2011-11-16, 17:33

    Minecraft sucking results in chests being messed up sometimes. Ie you can only see half... It is really weird. It could be a result of all da tnt shit goin on in dat base.


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    Re: Could someone explain this to me?

    Post by Ryoman on 2011-11-17, 00:45

    Assassins=FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognistion)


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    Re: Could someone explain this to me?

    Post by Ryusei on 2011-11-17, 02:27

    Nah... the explanation is rather simple, had that same thing happen in my base too, on the normal server.
    It happened after Notch updated the chests to open when clicked and also resized them a tiny bit, as a consequence all my chests got turned to face the default direction, so some were visually stuck in the wall, whilst the collision remained at the same place, just like that thin selection cube thing.
    So if the chests were placed before the last update, that should explain it.

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    Re: Could someone explain this to me?

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