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    Griefer Report!!


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    Griefer Report!!

    Post by Fireboy5115 on 2011-10-14, 13:06

    - Deleted -

    Check out the updated thread here: Griefer Report

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    Re: Griefer Report!!

    Post by JoeTheSheep on 2011-10-14, 13:10

    You should ask a Staff to move this to "Complaints".

    Since thats what this post seems like. Razz
    In-Game Staff
    In-Game Staff

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    Re: Griefer Report!!

    Post by Jarvisd on 2011-10-14, 13:12

    I am going to comeon and take a look. Next time (or if you are not on) post coordinates. Find coords by pressing f3, record the x,y and z. These values represent where you are on a 3d plane.

    Someone beat me to it Smile Solved


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    Re: Griefer Report!!

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